Factoring gives you cash for your invoices.

Account receivable factoring starts with an invoice – an unpaid bill for services or goods your company provided to another company. TBS Capital Funding gives you cash on the day you invoice your customer for the job or service you completed. We wait to get paid so you don’t have to.

Businesses use invoice factoring because it is a simple way to transform unpaid invoices into same day cash. Companies from all industries sell invoices to TBS Capital Funding because it provides steady cash flow necessary to accept larger clients, hire more people and grow their business. The word “Factoring” is new to many people but the process of factoring to further business success has been around for over 2000 years.

Factoring is not a short term business loan. There is no debt to repay, your personal credit is never an issue. TBS provides flexibility so you don’t have to be concerned about monthly minimums or fees for services you don’t need. Factor as much and as often as you need in order to maintain the working capital required to run your business. Small business factoring is a straight-forward, easy way to keep cash-flow steady.


Our Payment Accelerator™ program lets you say goodbye to payroll stress, juggling responsibilities and receiving frustrating calls from vendors. It's time to say hello to better cash flow.

If you have unpaid invoices and creditworthy customers, TBS Capital Funding can get you funded. When you factor with TBS you will have your own representative who cares about your business (almost) as much as you care. Call TBS Capital Funding today!