May 31, 2019

Small Business Tech Bulletins for June

  • Facebook updates video rankings: Facebook has modified its News Feed algorithm to reward creators who publish video content that sees longer average watch times and generates more repeat views. In addition, Pages posting unoriginal or re-purposed videos will be penalized through limited access to visibility and monetization. This means small businesses should think about how to keep audiences coming back, should post their strongest images/video clips first, and should ensure content is original, relevant and shorter to get optimum visibility.
  • WiFi 6 – better, faster internet is coming: Thirty percent faster than WiFi5, WiFi6 is designed to allow network access points like routers to communicate more efficiently with more users and devices at once, which helps them use less power. Wi-Fi 6 routers will be able to pack more information into each signal they send, so they can communicate with devices faster and more efficiently. And, best of all, Wi-Fi 6 access points will also be smarter about scheduling when devices should wake up and request information.  
  • Small-business owners are stressed and struggling to unplug: A new survey by OnePoll on behalf of GoDaddy shows that small-business owners spend 17 days a year worrying about business-related issues outside working hours. In addition, more than half (51%) say they have trouble switching off from work during periods when they’re not supposed to be focusing on company-related tasks. In fact, 41% say they often get pulled into business matters when trying to unplug. Ease the tension by scheduling breaks during the week, taking vacations, outsourcing, and practicing better self-care.

Check out the “Fighting Burnout” article here.
SOURCE:, 5/19/19

February 26, 2019

With the unemployment rate sitting at under four percent, small businesses must learn how to attract, motivate and retain talent – and it’s not just about the money anymore. 

February 26, 2019
  • Ninety-nine percent of the U.S. population lives under light-polluted skies. In December of 2017, 1,400 square miles in Idaho were designated as America’s first “International Dark Sky Reserve” – one of only 13 places in the world where open space and restrictions on artificial light preserve the natural appearance of the sky.

SOURCE:  Washington Post, 1/27/19

February 26, 2019

The oldest known wild bird in the world has become a mother again at the Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge, U.S. wildlife officials said. (You go, girl!)

The Laysan albatross named Wisdom hatched a chick this month at the remote atoll northwest of Hawaii. Wisdom is at least 68 years old and has raised at least 31 chicks. She was first banded as an adult in 1956.

Wisdom and her mate, Akeaka-mai, have been returning to the atoll to lay and hatch eggs since 2006. Laysan albatrosses mate for life and lay one egg per year.

February 26, 2019

You would never snub a colleague trying to strike up a conversation. Yet, according to research, when you ignore an email, that’s exactly what you’ve done: digital snobbery.

February 26, 2019

David Rush of Boise, Idaho, has found a unique way to score his 15 minutes of fame.


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