August 13, 2019

Research has created a road map for all runners – and artists, chess players, rock climbers, etc. – who seek the exhilaration you feel when completely absorbed in the pursuit of something difficult. So exactly how do you reach “the zone”?

  • Focus externally on the task – what note comes next in the composition or what slim edge to grip on the rock face – and don’t fret about what other people are thinking or whether your body is moving perfectly.
  • Confidence is essential or “expecting good things to happen.” Often confidence requires believing that a talent is learnable rather than innate. Researchers believe “positive feedback is absolutely critical.” Negative motivation does not work, including the messages we send to ourselves.
  • Embrace autonomy. Choosing when you want feedback or instruction, such as one more demonstration of a dance move, helps you perform better. The simple act of choosing is empowering.
  • Don’t analyze what you’re doing. Quiet your mind.
  • Prepare so you have less to think about. For example, most artists sketch out a drawing before formally composing it.
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE to transcend both boredom and anxiety. More expertise helps you to obtain “flow.”

SOURCE: Washington Post, 4/11/19

May 31, 2019

For the 50th anniversary screening of “Yellow Submarine” (1968), the trippy animated film inspired by the Beatles, designer Stella McCartney (Paul’s daughter) created the “All Together Now” fashion collection that translates the freewheeling, bolstering energy of “Yellow Submarine” to printed silks, checked tweed and embroidered denim clothing for men, women and children.

May 31, 2019

On May 2, 72-year old French adventurer, Jean-Jacques Savin completed a 2,930-mile Atlantic crossing in a plywood barrel.

May 31, 2019

Burnout is everywhere. Ninety-five percent of human resource leaders say burnout is sabotaging workplace retention, often because of overly heavy workloads.

April 30, 2019

At the Dreamery, an outfit opened by the mattress company Casper in Manhattan, naps are for sale.

April 30, 2019

Try this plan of attack to stop robocalls and exact revenge:


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