June 28, 2019

Can splurges for small business be justified? 

Aren’t luxury purchases at the top of the “no” list? The truth is, a little luxury can go far to motivate employees. To keep your business out of a rut, invest in these splurges:

  1. Branding – Within the sea of competition, branding can help you stand out, but think of branding as more than a logo and name. Branding also includes how you operate, including your customer interactions and business reputation.
  2. High-end Laptops (or desktops) for employees – Don’t make your employees suffer with malfunctioning or slow laptops. When employees struggle to use basic tools, they’re not as productive as they could be which means your business suffers.
  3. High-quality Air Filtration – Indoor air pollution can be up to ten times worse than outdoor air pollution. Unlike open spaces, contained areas collect pollutants that will re-circulate. Invest in the highest quality high MERV rated filter for the central HVAC unit plus freestanding filtration units in areas that don’t get much circulation or rooms without operable windows.
  4. Quality Coffee Maker – Not all of your employees will be coffee drinkers, but the ones who are need access to coffee throughout the day. More than one maker is essential because one person’s coffee-making skills may not be acceptable to pickier folks.
    A Comfortable Couch for the Break Room – Your employees are your biggest assets so they need a comfortable place to rest their . . . behinds.
  5. Pneumatic Desks for Standing and Sitting – Standing desks not only combat the ill effects of sitting for too long, but they’ve also been proven to increase productivity. 
April 30, 2019

Champion Sports Official Lacrosse Ball
Perfect for hard-to-get trigger points and versatile for people on the go. Favorite uses: bottom of the feet, glutes and the rotator cuff.  $5

Pocket Casts App
This seamless, intuitive and well-composed app costs only $6.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Introduce yourself to a world of imagination, learning and absurdity that expands your understanding of the universe and fuels a deep love of learning. $8

Casio F91W
A lightweight, water-...

April 30, 2019

Do your emotions affect how daring you are?

April 30, 2019
  • The Fun and Adventurous Mom – International Wine of the Month Club ( Take her on an adventure to wineries around the world. Starting at $35.95/month for 2 Reds, 2 Whites, or 2 Mixed
  • The Classy Mom – Aged Cabernet from the California Wine Club ( For the mother who already knows what a good wine is. $219.00 for two finely aged (8-12 years) exquisite Napa Valley Cabernets.
April 30, 2019

Fewer than 25 percent of all small businesses make Twitter part of their marketing mix which is understandable.

March 28, 2019

Many of the changes for small businesses in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) went into effect last year, and initial reports suggest that small business owners are seeing larger returns, despite the average taxpayer generally receiving a smaller refund.


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