November 27, 2018

TBS is on a roll. The Oklahoma City-based provider of small business funding solutions surpassed $1 billion in annual funding for the first time since it entered the business in 2004.

“Our unprecedented growth over the past 10 months is both a testament to our ongoing investment in technology to serve our clients better, and our commitment to being a happy workplace,” said Jennifer Fogg, president of TBS. “When our associates enjoy coming to work, that reflects in the way they serve our clients. It reverberates outward.”

A significant portion of that growth came from TBS Capital Funding, which experienced a 69 percent year-over-year increase in funding requests, due primarily to an increase in bank referrals and a recently launched Payment Accelerator program for construction subcontractors, created to add stability to the construction supply chain.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses account for almost two-thirds of net new private sector jobs, almost half of private sector employment, and more than 40 percent of high-tech jobs.

Small businesses are critical to the U.S. economy. And yet, according to the U.S. Census, half of all new small businesses fail within the first five years. Businesses fail for a lot of reasons, but usually it boils down to cash flow.

TBS has invested heavily in technology to eliminate friction in the funding process. In the past 10 months, the company has helped thousands of entrepreneurs beat the odds by providing immediate cash to meet payroll, pay suppliers, and grow, without the stress of waiting to get paid for work already performed.

September 17, 2018

Drop a hammer off a high-rise and the impact could be deadly. Stretch a subcontractor out too long on payments and it could have a similarly devastating effect.

According to a recent survey by TSheets, more than a third of construction contractors experience cash problems at least once a month. That’s not surprising considering a 2018 study of working capital by PriceWaterhouseCoopers found that half of construction subcontractors are waiting 84 days or more to get paid – the longest wait of any industry measured.


November 15, 2016

It’s not uncommon for frustrations to arise every now and then at work. Sometimes it’s regarding a technical difficulty. Other times it’s because your coworkers beat you to the free donuts in the morning. And a lot of times, it has something to do with a client. Maybe it was something they did. Or maybe it was something they said (or didn’t say).

They’ll help ease your frustration and cultivate healthier client relationships.


November 15, 2016

You can never be too organized, especially if you’re a business owner. With improved organizational skills, you can use your time as efficiently and effectively as possible. More organization means more productivity — and ultimately, profitability.

Hone your business organization skills today with these 5 simple tips.

Go Paperless.

November 15, 2016

When you’re a new business owner, the learning curve is steep. You'll face more obstacles, challenges and distractions in your first year than the average person faces in a whole career. Here are 5 tips to help you keep your eyes on the prize.

Keep your Goals in Focus.

You started this business with a singular, brilliant idea. Along the way, new opportunities will present themselves. Avoid getting sidetracked. Juggling several ventures can divide your time, compromise your efforts, limit effectiveness and suppress productivity. It can also distract you from...

November 15, 2016

Social media. It’s not just for sharing photos and political opinions anymore. It’s now one of the most important business tools at your disposal. Here are 5 important tips to growing your business through social media.


Start with Facebook.

To call social media popular is an understatement. Currently, at least 65% of American adults use social networks. Facebook alone has 1.7 billion users worldwide. With an extensive reach, dynamic functionality and detailed targeting, Facebook is a great jumping-off point for social media marketing.



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