December 27, 2018

Twitter users upload about 6,000 tweets per second, and somewhere in the morass is a reflection of their deepest desires.

Two New York University computer scientists collected roughly 600 million posts from 2018 to understand what humans crave and adore.

Many millions of tweets indicated that people most want love, time and good relationships in that order. Phrases like “I wish someone cared” appeared with the highest frequency. Such sentiments made up 24 percent of all tweets starting with “I wish” or “I want.”

Next, many sought more time for family, hobbies, travel and exercise. Phrases like “I wish to go back in time” were included in 19.3 percent of about 220 million tweets prefaced by “I wish.” The next most-wished-for ideals were rest and better financial health.

Ultimately the analysis indicated that people want more meaningful relationships.

SOURCE: “What Do People Say They Want on Twitter? Love.” (New York Times, 12/16/18)