December 06, 2019
A VR headset’s ability to block out the real world makes it easy to get lost in the flow of exercise disguised as a game. Here’s what to know before you get started:
Get a good headset. Recommended: the $400 Oculus Quest which costs about the same as a cheaper stationary bike or treadmill. Once you bring the headset home, don’t forget to clear furniture and other obstacles out of the way.
Find the right games. To pick your first game, find a game description that appeals to you and then check its activity level on the VR Institute’s website. Games that let you play through (and repeat) short levels give you more control over your level and length of activity.
Fun matters. While boxing games are one of the fastest ways to burn calories, turn to “Beat Saber,” which tasks you with swinging lightsabers through a series of blocks that are flying through the air for a quick workout.
The key is to pick an exercise that can become a routine. Worry less about how many calories you are burning per minute and more about what you enjoy enough to keep doing.
SOURCE: New York Times, 10/6/19
Globally, more than two billion people play video games, including 150 million Americans (nearly half the country’s population), 60 percent of whom game daily.
SOURCE: New York Times, 10/27/19