May 31, 2019

Ten Unique Father’s Day Gifts and who makes them.

  • Portable Draft Beer System: This at-home or on-the-go dispenser takes 64 ounces of any beer dad wants and sends it through its tap system so it takes like a freshly pulled draft.  $133.99
  • Digital Tape Measure [eTape 16]: For the dad who’s always in the middle of a home improvement project, this digital tape measure with memory storage and conversion capabilities will take some of the hassle out of it.  $29.99
  • Joule Sous Vide [ChefSteps]: The Joule cooks meat to perfection so dad can make himself a steak worthy of a Michelin-starred restaurant. $199.00
  • Speak Plus Dash Cam [Garmin]: Garmin’s device will record his trips while Alexa gives him directions, checks the traffic, and controls the environment. Safe and savvy, for the dad who’s always behind the wheel. $179.95 (22% off)
  • Stainless Steel Mug [Zojirushi]: A leak-proof travel mug that will keep coffee hot for hours. $23.10
  • Premium Bourbon Club: This six-bottle collection starts off with a bottle of Jefferson’s bourbon that was aged aboard a ship that stopped in five countries. It gets even better from there. $499.00
  • SelectTech 560 Dumbbells [Bowflex]: These smart dumbbells can be programmed to different weights from five to 60 pounds – perfect for days when he’s tired and days when he wants to feel the burn.  $499.00
  • Series 7 Shaver [Braun]: Because he would never buy himself a fancy shaver like this. $179.99
  • Kobe Wagyu A5 Ribeye [Holy Grail Steak]: For the true meat lover, get the highest quality cuts of Japanese beef. It just might be the best steak he’s ever grilled up. $299.99
  • Cell Phone Sanitizer [Phonesoap]: For the dad who wants his phone to always feel fresh out of the packaging, get this rig, which zaps bacteria as it charges. $59.95

SOURCE: Esquire Editors, 4/22/19