October 26, 2018

19 Crimes -- If chain gangs, convicts, and felons are your thing,

 commit to 19 Crimes, an Australian winery named after the 19 offenses by which a citizen of the English crown could find themselves punished by being transported to the end of the earth (i.e. Australia). The wines are as sneaky as their namesake—the chardonnay has a literally staggering 15 percent ABV.

Saved, Bewitched, Dearly Beloved -- More glamorously ghoulish than spooky or scary, these three wines span from mystical to muertos. Saved, California red blend created by tattoo artist Scott Campbell, has a silkscreened label (designed by Campbell, of course) that looks like the world's chicest ouija board, while Bewitched, from Healdsburg's Truett-Hurst, has gothic lettering warns of a bold pinot noir inside. And in case you're soirée is more of a fiesta, look no further than Dearly Beloved’s intricate calavera labels on their bright, balanced chardonnay.

Source: Kat Thomsen, 7x7.com -- 10/26/18