March 16, 2020

Whole books have been written about how much practice athletes need to succeed at the highest levels, but if it’s not paired with sufficient sleep, even 10 million hours of practice won’t help. Sleep reinforces motor skills learning, and sleep in the initial 24 hours after training seems especially crucial—a finding that led researchers Matthew P. Walker and Robert Stickgold to propose that “It’s practice, with sleep, that makes perfect.” After an afternoon working on your tennis serve, golf swing, or swim stroke, you need a full night’s rest to make the lessons stick.

To help ensure sufficient sleep, Tom Brady, teaming up with Under Armour, released “athlete recovery sleepwear” nearly two years ago. Retailing at $199.98 for a complete set, TB12 (Brady’s Patriot’s number is 12) sleepwear isn’t cheap. The inside of the material contains bioceramic powder that supposedly absorbs body heat and reemits it as far infrared radiation. “The far infrared, when it’s against your skin, ends up reducing inflammation,” Brady says in a video on the Under Armour website. “Without the sleepwear, I don’t really feel like I would have been able to achieve the things that I have done and hope to continue to do.”

Thinking about buying a pair? Given the price, you may want to sleep on it.


SOURCE:, 2/19/2020