January 06, 2020
A new study from Aflac reveals more than half of US workers (58%) are stressed about understanding what health insurance or the benefits they need to enroll for. The Aflac Workforce Report cites this uncertainty is having a particularly disruptive effect on younger generations in the workforce.
Employees are getting more high-deductible plans, requiring them to increasingly take on more of the cost-sharing for health insurance. And this is responsible for healthcare becoming one of the biggest challenges workers face in the US.
However, 74% of employers believe their employees have enough options available to help them meet their health care financial obligations. With many aware of their financial challenges, a strong majority of employees (85%) also see a growing need for supplemental insurance benefits.
Overall, 6 in 10 workers say understanding what insurance or benefits they need is somewhat or very stressful. Millennials (66%) appear to be the ones with more stress, with Generation Z at 63% who find medical billing stressful. Across the board, 43% of all employees say enrolling in health insurance is somewhat or very stressful; percentages that increase to 51% for millennials and 55% for Gen Zers.
SOURCE: smallbiztrends.com, 12/18/19