November 15, 2019
Tech experts believe that unless you’re the owner of a 2016 iPhone 7 or earlier – or angling for Instagram influencer status – you probably don’t need an iPhone 11. Most were hard-pressed to find features they couldn’t live without on the 11 – and surprised at how well the X has aged.
  • The Camera - Testing with trident shooting cameras simultaneously, experts clearly saw improvements in the 11 over the 7 in lighting and color. But not so much vs. the X.
  • Battery Life - The 11 promises some tremendous life-altering battery improvements such as going four more hours than last year’s iPhone XS before needing a recharge. Smart geeks at Tom’s Guide report in their own lab that the 11 performed about the same as last year’s iPhone XR.
  • Speed and storage - Experts felt no difference in speed with iPhone 11 vs. the X. Both X and 11 start at 64 gigabytes.
  • Durability - The 11 is water resistant up to two meters and the 11 Pro up to four meters.  Apple also claims the glass covering the front and back of the 11 is stronger than on the X – but who wants to throw their test units on concrete to find out?
  • Bottom Line - Anyone with an iPhone 7 (or older) will appreciate that the 11 shoots better photos in the dark, promises a longer battery life and has a larger screen. Otherwise, save your cash for next year, which will likely bring bigger changes like support for ultrafast 5G networks.
SOURCE:, 9/20/19