August 13, 2019

Here are five of America’s wildest and wackiest ice cream flavors:

  • LOBSTER  Ben & Bill’s Chocolate Emporium, Bar Harbor, ME. The base of this lobster ice cream is butter-flavored, with big chunks of real chopped lobster meat folded inside. It’s kind of like cookie dough ice cream. Or maybe not.
  • COLD SWEAT  Sunni’s Sky’s Homemade Ice Cream, Angier, NC. Some like it hot, and then there are those who like it really, really, really hot – as in habanero, Thai chile and pequin pepper. This triple threat is so spicy, you’re required to sign a waiver before they’ll hand over a scoop.
  • PICKLE   Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co., New York. If sweet treats aren’t your thing, then how about a big, briny cone of pickle-flavored soft serve? When temperatures keep rising, this flavor is guaranteed to keep you as cool as a cucumber.
  • BOOGER   The Ice Cream Store, Rehoboth Beach, DE. It may sound gross, but this one is actually cake-batter ice cream that’s mixed together with caramel and marshmallow. (And dyed green for fun.)
  • CREEPY CRAWLY CRITTERS  Salt & Straw, Portland, OR. Nestled inside an innocent-looking scoop of green matcha ice cream, you’ll find a swarm of chocolate-covered crickets and coconut-toffee-brittle mealworms. Edible? Yes. Delicious? You be the judge

SOURCE: New York Times, 6/30/19