April 30, 2019

Fewer than 25 percent of all small businesses make Twitter part of their marketing mix which is understandable.

Twitter can be a strange mix of breaking news, random thoughts, uber-promotions, out-of-context conversations and about a hundred other things. That being said, there are three reasons you might want to court more Twitter followers:

  1. A bigger network. Social media allows you to expand your network; online you have a chance to meet people you otherwise would not normally meet. 
  2. More connections. Having a lot of people follow you on Twitter creates a big broadcasting platform for you. You can use it to announce sales, make special offers or share info.
  3. It looks good. In the Twitterverse, plenty of followers makes you look like you are important enough to have, well, plenty of followers.

But how do you get those followers?

  1. Tweet quality. Do NOT just tweet about you, your business or your lunch. Instead tweet something that will be of value to your followers: articles, videos, infographics and specials.
  2. Follow the right people. By following the leaders in your field, you will see that many will follow you back, and after that, then watch when some of their followers begin to follow you.
  3. Follow the followers. Following the followers of people who are like you in business will mean that those people will be more likely to follow you.
  4. Follow the right hashtags. People who join in on hashtag conversations relevant to you and your business are people who will likely be interested in your quality tweets.
  5. Advertise. You don’t want to buy followers, but advertising can work. Check out Twitter Promote Mode. 

SOURCE: usatoday, 3/20/19