February 26, 2019

David Rush of Boise, Idaho, has found a unique way to score his 15 minutes of fame.

At the public library in Oak Brook, Illinois, Rush set his mind to achieving a new Guinness record for eating sweet corn kernels within three minutes with a toothpick. Rush, who holds 40 Guinness records, succeeded on this third try, downing 241 kernels. “It’s a ridiculous talent to have,” Rush admitted to the Chicago Tribune. “I practiced skewering a lot to prepare along with the size of the plate, spreading the corn and best toothpicks to use.” Rush told the Tribune he got involved in breaking records to promote science, technology, engineering and math education (STEM), saying a lot of kids don’t feel confident about STEM subjects. “If you believe you can get better at something and work hard at it, you can get better at anything,” he explained.

SOURCE:  Funny Times, February 2019

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