March 28, 2019

Now available for just $695 – the world’s first jacket made out of graphene, a notoriously difficult-to-manufacture material.

Graphene is the thinnest possible form of graphite, which can you find in your everyday pencil. 
Its single layer of carbon atoms has unbelievable properties that will one day revolutionize everything from aerospace engineering to medicine. Its diverse uses are seemingly endless: 

  • It can stop a bullet if you add enough layers. 
  • It can change the color of your hair with no adverse effects. 
  • It can turn the walls of your home into a giant fire detector. 
  • It is so strong and so stretchy that the fibers of a spider web coated in graphene could catch a falling plane.

The jacket is made out of a two-sided material and looks gunmetal gray, while the flipside appears matte black. The jacket is reversible and will not only conduct the heat from your body around itself to equalize your skin temperature and increase it, but also can theoretically store an unlimited amount of heat. 
The hope is that once people get their hands on the jacket, they’ll start experimenting with it – like beta testers for the product and researchers for new applications. One example is hacking the conductive material to make the jacket capable of charging a phone simply by putting it in the pocket.
Manufacturers believe that wearable technology will become increasingly invisible over the next 10 to 20 years as clothing and tech simply merge.