February 21, 2020
The Barn Yard Bloody Mary at Farmer’s Table, La Mesa, CA
The $45 Barn Yard is a cornucopia of bacon-wrapped shrimp, fresh mozzarella, seasonal vegetables and a whole roasted chicken, meant to satisfy four thirsty (and famished) farmhands.
The Sumo Mary at Sunda, Chicago, IL
This 32-ouncer tips the scales with half a grilled cheese sandwich, braised pork belly, Chinese broccoli, pickled daikon, shishito peppers and roasted potatoes, a crab sushi roll, the Filipino spring roll known as lumpia and a saucy duck bao. 
Brunch for Two at Party Fowl, Nashville, TN
This goblet-proportioned offering that provides patrons with more calories than they can possibly need in a day, is presented on sticks precariously stacked with fried okra, a halved avocado, Scotch eggs, olives and two split hot Cornish game hens.
The Bloody Best at The Nook, Atlanta
A 32-ounce tumbler barely contains the lava-red drink soused with black pepper vodka, to say nothing of the skewers strung with steak, Tater Tots, pepperoncini, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, beef straws and a slice of buttered toast.
The Chubby Mary at The Cove, Leland, MI
Seafood (in the form of oysters, shrimp and lobster) is a pretty standard addition to Bloody Marys. Yet The Cove, situated in Leland's Fishtown neighborhood, serves a Bloody that's a fish out of water in a rather delectable way: A whole smoked chub rises from its brackish, horseradish- and vodka-spiked depths.