May 31, 2019

Burnout is everywhere. Ninety-five percent of human resource leaders say burnout is sabotaging workplace retention, often because of overly heavy workloads.

The three big symptoms are emotional exhaustion, cynicism and feeling ineffective. Other symptoms can include frequent colds or sicknesses, insomnia and a tendency to alleviate stress in unhealthy ways, such as with too much alcohol or online shopping. 

Fight burnout by:

  • MOVING: Give yourself any physical activity that doesn’t require much thought. Walk, take a Zumba class or scrub the floor. Even better, engage with physical activity with friends instead of plugging your ears with headphones. Shared laughter and togetherness can help you feel safe and lower stress levels.
  • ASKING: Ask for the opportunity to work on new things, or a mentor or clear feedback. If your job demands are high and job resources are low, ask your boss for small changes – TNT, tiny noticeable changes -- to shift the balance.
  • CREATING:  Help to develop a workplace culture that encourages vacations and breaks. Promote flexibility programs that help to prevent burnout because it allows employees control over when, where and how they work.
  • CARING: Take care of your body, mind – and soul, by becoming part of a community, no matter your beliefs. If you don’t have a community, make one.

SOURCE: Washington Post, 4/2/19