February 21, 2020

North Carolina’s Madison County Public Library system has had a loosely enforced rule against bringing pets into its branches. Interim Director Peggy GoForth appeared before the county’s board of commissioners to request a new policy that tightly restricts animals to only service dogs. GoForth felt she had to advocate for stricter rules after a man brought a bag full of snakes into the library. “He said, ‘My pets are harmless. Here, let me show you,’” GoForth said. “And he poured them out on the front desk. They just wriggled everywhere.” When told pets weren’t allowed in the library, “He was really nice about it. He just bagged up all the snakes and left,” she added. She said another man brought in an ant farm and took the top off to feed them, then forgot to put it back on. “The ants got everywhere.” The library’s new policy excludes all animal species except dogs that are trained to help a person with a disability.


SOURCE: Funny Times, January 2020