January 29, 2019

Top Gadgets from CES 2019

  • The roll-up TV: LG Signature OLED TV R – With a tap of a button, this 65-inch TV dramatically rises from a long box where it is rolled inside. The screen uses plastic and OLED tech, which in addition to having fantastic image quality, is also capable of bending. Price to be determined later this year.
  • The self-driving follow-along suitcase: Ovis -- The suitcase that follows you like a puppy. Cameras all over it identify you, as opposed to someone else – and then lock on and follow you up to 6 miles per hour, avoiding obstacles along the way. Price: $800, available on Amazon in the second half of the year.
  • The companion robot: Lovot – First there was Sony’s Aibo the dog. Now there’s the cat from the future. Some 50 sensors and camera – many in a “horn” on top of its head – recognize faces and the heat of humans and other organic pets. It makes you want to pick it up and cuddle when it flaps little cloth-covered arms. Price: $3,000 for two and charging “nest,” shipping in the United States in 2020.
  • The instant translator: Google Assistant Interpreter Mode – Say “Hello Google, be my Italian interpreter,” and, ciao bella, it’ll start listening and translating. It works in more than 20 languages. Available in coming weeks on Google home devices.
  • The automated dog toilet: Inubox -- Can’t get home in time to walk Lassie? Lassie steps into this box, and sensors detect when she’s done her business. The shelf closes up and cleans itself, pushing the waste into a sand basket and, eventually, sealed bags you dispose of properly. It automatically dispenses a treat for the dog, too. Coming to Kickstarter soon.

SOURCE: Washington Post, 1/9/19