December 27, 2018

Three cheeky raccoons jolted a Toronto, Ontario, Canada, woman awake when they broke into her kitchen.

Jenny Serwylo heard noises coming from her kitchen and approached the critters with a broom, which scared away two out of the three. But a third wouldn’t budge, barricaded behind her toaster oven and munching on a package of English muffins. “He was like, ‘I’m eating, get out of there,’” Serwylo told the Toronto Star. She tried calling authorities but couldn’t get any help, and her contest of wills with the raccoon lasted for more than a half-hour. As she pointed the broom handle at the animal, it would grab the end and “yank it really hard.” Finally, having consumed all the bread in the kitchen, the raccoon calmly went out the window, which Serwylo locked behind it. Toronto Animal Services spokesperson Bruce Hawkins told the Star that such encounters are unusual. That being said, the city has created a guide for residents about how to deal with raccoon intrusions.

SOURCE: Funny Times (December 2018)