February 21, 2020

This year’s CES – the consumer tech industry’s biggest annual showcase – revealed the best and “weirdest” of the latest tech products.


  • Prinker, a temporary tattoo printer: This new device makes temporary tattoos mobile for spontaneous people who don’t want to commit to forever ink. The handheld printer can apply cosmetic-grade ink to the skin in black or color just by quickly passing it once over the chosen body part. Images are selected from a companion app. While the final product doesn’t smudge or fade much, it does wash off easily with soap and water. Cost is $269


  • Segway S-Pod, self-balancing people mover. Inspired by the pods in “Jurassic World,” this product is a cross between a comfortable recliner, a scooter and a giant egg and is designed to move people around non-road locations like malls, airports and theme parks. The self-balancing pod, which goes up to 24 mph, is controlled by a panel-and-knob system that can be removed from the pod for remote steering. No price yet, available in late 2020


  • Winston, home privacy helper: This box that you install between your WiFi router and modem takes evasive maneuvers to reduce the data footprint of all the devices in your house. More than just a virtual privacy network (VPN), Winston scans the traffic coming and going from your house to block ads, filter tracking cookies, fight website “finger-printing” and cloak your Internet address. There’s an $8.25 monthly service fee, with the first year included with purchase. Cost is $249, available now.


SOURCE: Washington Post Economy and Business, 1/7/2020