November 11, 2016
Avoid an Awkward Thanksgiving Dinner

With TBS Capital Funding, business owners receive payments for their invoices upfront. That accelerated cash flow gives you money to pay employees, upgrade equipment and grow your business. If you need instant cash to fund operations, you could call TBS at 888-707-5188 to get started. Or… you could borrow money from your Great Aunt Carol.


She’s a cheek-pincher. And a penny-pincher too. She gives you 5 grand. You need 50, but you take what you can get. The loan helps, and your business is booming. Your bottom line is looking up. Then, you remember…


You have clients on multiple fixed-payment schedules. That means you don’t get paid for 30, 60 or even 90 days at a time. Your cash flow begins to dwindle, which is bad… because the Thanksgiving sales rush is coming up. And so is Thanksgiving dinner. Days before Turkey Day, you get a text from ol’ Carol:


You ask Aunt Carol to pass the gravy at dinner. She ignores you, and now your turkey is drying up. With no cash flow, so is your business.


Nobody likes dry turkey. So call TBS and give invoice factoring a try. It’s not a loan. We pay you up to 100% of the invoice value upfront. And we collect from your customer on the invoice due date. With factoring, you can fund your business without borrowing money. It makes for a better cash flow solution… and a more enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner.