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December 06, 2019
For the first time, a machine that runs on the mind-boggling physics of quantum mechanics has reportedly solved a problem that would stump the world’s top supercomputers – a breakthrough known as “quantum supremacy.”
If validated, the report by Google’s AI Quantum team and University of California at Santa Barbara physicist John Martinis constitutes a major leap for quantum computing, a technology that relies on bizarre behavior of tiny particles to encode huge amounts of information. According to a paper in the journal Nature, Google’s Sycamore processor performed in less than 3.5 minutes a calculation that would take the most powerful classic computer on the planet 10,000 years to complete.
The achievement has been compared to the Wright brothers’ 12-second first flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C. – an early, aspirational glimpse at a revolution to come. By providing exponentially greater calculating power than the machines we use today, quantum computers could one day transform the way we communicate ideas, conceal data and comprehend the universe.
SOURCE: Washington Post, 10/24/19
December 06, 2019
Large volumes of data can be confusing for a small business – you may mistakenly assign too much weight to some data or overlook important information. Forbes Finance Council recently detailed which metrics best help small businesses:
  1. Growth and Profit Percentage - Take your operating profit as a percentage of total revenue and add it to the annualized growth rate.  Targets can vary, but a general rule of thumb is that the sum of growth and profit percentage should be greater than 40.
December 06, 2019
As a storm rolled through Port Charlotte, Florida, Marylou Ward and her husband got an explosive surprise. Ward said she heard  “boom” that was the loudest noise she’d ever heard. “We smelled smoke and I looked outside,” she said. Smoke was coming from her septic tank, but it was the indoor effect that really shocked them: Her master bedroom toilet was in hundreds of pieces. A plumber explained that a nearby lightning strike ignited methane gas that had built up in the pipes and septic tank, destroying not only the tank and the toilet, but the indoor plumbing as well. Fortunately, no one...
December 06, 2019
The most popular local shops over the past 12 months on Google search:
  • Coffee Shops
  • Flower Shops
  • Print Shops
  • Tire Shops
SOURCE:, 10/3/19
December 06, 2019
According to Maryse Cheviere, a sommelier and James Beard award-winner, you only need one “all-purpose” glass. So, if you are new to wine, or considering a gift to someone who is, what should you look for in an “all-purpose” glass?
  • Pick a clear, thin-lipped, “cut rim” stemmed glass with a U-shaped bowl that is wider at the stem and narrows slightly as it gets up to the rim. Cheviere says it’s “the wine glass equivalent of the perfect pair of jeans.”
December 06, 2019
A VR headset’s ability to block out the real world makes it easy to get lost in the flow of exercise disguised as a game. Here’s what to know before you get started:
Get a good headset. Recommended: the $400 Oculus Quest which costs about the same as a cheaper stationary bike or treadmill. Once you bring the headset home, don’t forget to clear furniture and other obstacles out of the way.