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October 26, 2018

19 Crimes -- If chain gangs, convicts, and felons are your thing,

 commit to 19 Crimes, an Australian winery named after the 19 offenses by which a citizen of the English crown could find themselves punished by being transported to the end of the earth (i.e. Australia). The wines are as sneaky as their namesake—the chardonnay has a literally staggering 15 percent ABV.

Saved, Bewitched, Dearly Beloved -- More glamorously ghoulish than spooky or scary, these three wines span from mystical to muertos. Saved, California red blend created by tattoo artist Scott Campbell, has a silkscreened label (designed by Campbell, of course) that looks like the world's chicest ouija board, while Bewitched, from Healdsburg's Truett-Hurst, has gothic lettering warns of a bold pinot noir inside. And in case you're soirée is more of a fiesta, look no further than Dearly Beloved’s intricate calavera labels on their bright, balanced chardonnay.

Source: Kat Thomsen, -- 10/26/18

October 26, 2018

“I now, in front of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, pronounce you husband and wife.”

October 26, 2018

Tired of hitchhiking, two Ohio men hopped a moving train, but more than 50 miles later, the train hadn’t slowed down enough for them to hop off so they called 911.

October 26, 2018

In Didcot, England, known as the country’s “most normal town,” one resident creatively tried to change people’s perceptions with additions to road signs along local highway A4130.

October 26, 2018

An Eastern Michigan University student filled a pothole in Trenton with a whole box of Lucky Charms and a gallon of milk.


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