December 06, 2019
According to Maryse Cheviere, a sommelier and James Beard award-winner, you only need one “all-purpose” glass. So, if you are new to wine, or considering a gift to someone who is, what should you look for in an “all-purpose” glass?
  • Pick a clear, thin-lipped, “cut rim” stemmed glass with a U-shaped bowl that is wider at the stem and narrows slightly as it gets up to the rim. Cheviere says it’s “the wine glass equivalent of the perfect pair of jeans.”
  • The U-shaped bowl is often called a tulip, because of its resemblance to the flower. The narrower rim focuses the aroma and guides wine to you palate rather than down your shirt. The thin “cut rim” is favored over a thicker “rolled rim” for the same reason.
  • Some stemware is marketed as all-purpose. “The One” by master sommelier Andrea Robinson, is actually two, with a white-wine version and a slightly larger red-wine glass. They sell for about $15 on Amazon.
  • A fancier glass by British wine writer Jancis Robinson and glass blower Richard Brendon goes for $112 a pair. It’s delicate, precisely balanced and intended for use with sparkling and fortified wines, as well.
Most important – find that one glass you like, with the specifications above for the best results. You’ll want something that not only fits your budget, but also feels good in your hand as you swirl and tip the glass to your lips.
SOURCE: Washington Post Food, 10/23/19