October 15, 2016

Boom. You started a business. Now, want to really make it boom? Use these three simple marketing tips to expand your audience, improve your brand and increase your sales.


Develop an Attractive Website.

A polished website is a 24/7 sales machine. Almost everyone uses the internet to look up or check out potential service providers prior to making a purchase, so your website is often the first thing people see. If you have an outdated, unappealing site, visitors could lose confidence in the quality of your business.


Developing a clean, easy-to-navigate website is essential if you want to generate leads and make sales. Make it mobile friendly, too. Today, smart devices are ubiquitous, so a responsive website is a must if you want to boost sales and attract leads. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune — platforms like SquareSpace and WordPress let you build professional, responsive websites at minimal cost.


Establish a Social Media Presence.

We’re living in the mobile age. Everyone and their dog has a smartphone. And a good majority of those peeps and pups have at least one social media account (yes, dogs included). Your business should too. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or all of the above, social media is an easy, cost-effective way to build a presence and market your business. It allows you to develop a voice for your brand and engage directly with customers. You can post pictures and videos of products, push upcoming sales events and spark interest in your business.


Engage with Your Customers.

Once you have your website and social media accounts set up, start connecting! Whether it’s through social media, email blasts or in person, have open communications with your customers. Building relationships can help create customer loyalty. And happy customers can even become ambassadors for your brand. So listen to what your customers are saying. If they have negative feedback, learn from it. If they like something you’re doing, keep doing it!



After your new marketing tactics bring you countless new sales, you might consider factoring with TBS Capital Funding. We transform accounts receivable to cash, typically same-day. This gives you the immediate cash you need to buy more inventory, hire new employees, cover operating costs and keep your business booming.


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